recommended for including in the contracts by
the International Arbitration Court at
the BelCCI.

The IAC of the BelCCI recommends to include the following arbitration clause in civil contracts:

“Any dispute, controversy or claim that may arise out of this contract or in connection therewith, including those associated with the change, termination, execution, invalidity or interpretation thereof, shall be referred to the IAC of the BelCCI for consideration in accordance with the regulations thereof.”

The clause (agreement) may include the conditions on the applicable law, the requirements for arbitrators, including the number of arbitrators, the place of hearing, the language of proceedings, as well as any other terms and conditions as agreed by the parties.

One of the doubtless advantages of arbitration method of disputes resolution is the provision to the parties of an opportunity to participate in shaping the composition of the court both by defining the number of the members of the court, and by selecting the specific individuals as a primary arbitrator and a reserve arbitrator.

The parties may agree both on a collegiate consideration (consisting of three arbitrators) and on the sole consideration of their dispute.